Is Brick & Mortar the Foundation of Ecommerce’s Future?

Is Brick & Mortar the Foundation of Ecommerce’s Future?

The optimal way for brands to drive online sales is, counterintuitively, to open more brick and mortar stores… so long as the retailers 1) differentiate, 2) offer an experience, 3) prioritize data, and 4) build out a robust supply chain solution.

Amping Up the In-Store Experience: How Retailers Can Avoid Going the Way of the CD

In early 2013, I was interviewing for a position with Catalyst and trying to determine the best way to convey my interest in technology despite a resume full of music publishing M&A transactions. Given my independent interest in the “business of fashion,” I cited my enthusiasm in recent commerce trends, including the convergence of content and commerce and the physical store as retail entertainment.

Supply-Chain Management Is Key to Cyber Success

While the holiday rush is over, marketers wishing to improve their omni-channel performance in time for the 2014 season must establish efficient supply-chain management (SCM) systems to ensure that customers’ purchases arrive perfectly gift-wrapped and on-time. This includes five important aspects.