Welcoming Tava to the Portfolio

Mental health awareness has come a long way and yet a persistent barrier remains: insufficient access to care. Waits can last months, appointments may require significant travel or odd hours and not all therapists take insurance. Meanwhile, there are many therapists that want to help more clients but can’t because of some combination of location, visibility and cost. What appears to be a supply-demand imbalance is really a solvable problem.

Enter Tava – Tava is a teletherapy platform that connects and empowers each stakeholder to fulfill the growing unmet demand for mental health services. We are pleased to announce that we recently led Tava’s $20 million Series B and are thrilled to partner with Dallen, Jason, Spence and the rest of the team!

Tava was founded in 2019 with the mission to make meaningful connections between mental health providers and clients accessible and easy. Tava does this in two ways: (i) it brings therapists direct referrals, largely though contracts with employers to provide therapy sessions as a fully covered employee benefit, and (ii) it helps therapists contract with insurance carriers and connect a broad range of client acquisition channels so they can find and help more individuals in need of care.

At the core of its value prop, Tava supports all parties involved:


  • Individuals: Tava ensures affordable and convenient mental health care, ensuring quick access to a diverse group of therapists. Clients consistently note that they would not have gotten the care they need without Tava.
  • Therapists: Tava provides therapists the tools and resources they need to become entrepreneurs. Instead of focusing on burdensome administrative tasks (e.g., insurance enrollment and billing, client acquisition, administrative tooling, etc.), therapists are freed up to focus on what they do best – delivering care.
  • Employers: Tava supports employers to offer therapy as a fully covered employee benefit, enhancing employee well-being, retention and productivity.
  • Insurance Carriers: Tava teams up with carriers to expand their provider networks, reducing wait times and supporting whole person care in their populations.


Catalyst’s thesis in healthcare is all about enabling the delivery of high-quality care. And when we met Tava, we quickly aligned with the team’s focus on maximizing care quality and providing the best possible therapist and client experience. Together, we envision a future where mental healthcare is an integral component of our daily lives and where access is not a barrier. The market opportunity and timing couldn’t be clearer and we are pumped to be on board!