Food Tech

Restaurant Tech Overview

By Kapil Desai

Restaurants in 2019 continue to face several challenges, including everything from attracting and retaining customers to hiring and training staff. These challenges, both customer-facing (“Front of House”) and operations-focused (“Back of House”), keep restaurant profit margins low at 6% and contribute to the industry’s high failure rate. Increasingly, restaurants are more attune to these pain points and seek out restaurant-focused software and tech-enabled outsourcing solutions to increase sales volumes and reduce costs. As a result, the restaurant tech stack continues to evolve, providing restaurants with more options than ever to help them improve and grow their businesses.

Catalyst has a wealth of experience backing vertical-specific businesses, including one currently in the Restaurant Tech space (ChowNow). We believe restaurants will continue to actively seek out best in-class restaurant-specific solutions, and are eager to partner with more of these businesses seeking growth equity capital.

At Catalyst, we employ a proactive, research-based approach to investing, targeting sectors experiencing outstanding growth. If you are an owner, operator or investor in a growth stage Restaurant Tech company, we would like to hear from you. Please send inquiries and business plans to [email protected].

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