Customer Support & Success

By Susan Bihler and John Buck

After companies have made a sale and onboarded a customer, the real work begins. At this point, the focus shifts to retaining them and providing them with the best possible experience. While customer support is historically rooted in call center operations, today that voice-only approach is being replaced by solutions that cater to the digital and multichannel nature of the world. Customers have more information and more choice and their interactions with support agents and teams can strongly influence their view of a company.

As the customer support landscape continues to evolve, solutions have started to move from a traditionally reactive, case-based approach to a more proactive framework. This shift has even led to the rise of customer success solutions that help businesses constantly monitor the health of existing accounts with the goal of ultimately reducing churn. At Catalyst, we feel that this emphasis on the customer experience is going to continue and that customer support and customer success provide companies and brands with a way to differentiate their offerings.

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