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  • Advantage Business Media

    Publishes print and electronic business-to-business trade magazines focusing on the communications, science, engineering, design, and electronics markets. Sold to Owner Resource Group in 2014.
    INVESTED: 2006
  • Alaska Native Wireless

    Joint venture with AT&T Wireless that owns and operates wireless spectrum in the 1.9 GHz PCS band. Sold to AT&T in 2002.
    INVESTED: 2001
  • Alert Solutions

    Offers integrated multi-channel messaging technology to K-12 schools, higher education, healthcare providers and more. Sold to SwiftReach Networks in 2015.
    INVESTED: 2009
  • Aloha Partners

    Nation-wide footprint of 700 MHz wireless spectrum licenses. Sold to AT&T for $2.5 billion in February 2008.
    INVESTED: 2003
  • Aplus.net

    Provider of shared / dedicated hosting, domain registration and web design services. Aplus was sold to Deluxe Corp in 2009. The dedicated hosting business was retained by Catalyst and rebranded as Codero.
    INVESTED: 2006
  • Ascentis

    Offers human resource, payroll, recruiting and timekeeping SaaS solutions to support greater business efficiency and accuracy. Acquired by Summit Partners in March 2017.
    INVESTED: 2012
  • BrightFarms

    Leading provider of hydroponically-grown, fresh and local produce to major metropolitan markets in the United States was acquired by Cox Enterprises in 2021.
    INVESTED: 2016
  • Catalyst Repository Systems

    Hosts applications to help legal, business and insurance teams manage large document populations and collaborate on complex matters securely over the Web. Acquired by FTV Capital in April 2008.
    INVESTED: 2005
  • ChowNow

    SaaS digital ordering platform for restaurants
    INVESTED: 2017Point of Contact: Tyler Newton
  • Clearwire (NASDAQ:CLWR)

    Builder and operator of wireless broadband networks that enable Internet communications. The Company went public in 2007.
    INVESTED: 2004
  • Clinicient

    Leading provider of Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) software solutions for outpatient rehabilitation practices. Company was acquired by WebPT in 2022.
    INVESTED: 2014
  • Codero

    Leading provider of dedicated, managed, cloud and hybrid hosting services. Sold to BLM Acqquisition Corp. in 2015
    INVESTED: 2006
  • Conductor

    SaaS platform for managing SEO and enterprise content marketing. Conductor was acquired by WeWork in March 2018.
    INVESTED: 2015
  • Datavail

    Outsourced database administration (DBA) provider for enterprise and mid-market clients
    INVESTED: 2015Point of Contact: Susan Bihler
  • Denali Spectrum Manager

    Wireless spectrum owner covering the Great Lakes region (Chicago, Detroit, Cleveland, Minneapolis, Milwaukee, etc.) in partnership with Leap Wireless International. Leap Wireless (NASDAQ:LEAP) acquired the remaining stake in 2010.
  • EDB

    Leading database management system for PostgreSQL
    INVESTED: 2019Point of Contact: Tyler Newton
  • Effectual

    Leading managed services provider for public cloud environments
    INVESTED: 2019Point of Contact: Brian Rich
  • Ekos

    Leading business management software for craft beverage businesses
    INVESTED: 2021Point of Contact: Kapil Desai
  • Employ

    Best-of-breed recruiting SaaS solution
    INVESTED: 2014Point of Contact: Ryan McNally
  • Envoy

    Leading provider of global immigration and workforce management software and services. Acquired by Palladium Equity Partners in 2022.
    INVESTED: 2017
  • eSUB

    Project management SaaS for subcontractors
    INVESTED: 2019Point of Contact: Susan Bihler
  • F+W Media Inc.

    Multi-platform enthusiast media company with businesses in magazine and book publishing, interactive media, broadcast programming, and events. Sold to Tinicum Capital Partners in 2014.
    INVESTED: 2005
  • Fusion Risk Management

    Operational risk management software
    INVESTED: 2017Point of Contact: Ryan McNally
  • Galvanize

    Leading technology workforce educator.
    Sold to K12 in 2020.
    INVESTED: 2018
  • Insite Wireless Group

    Constructs, owns and operates wireless tower site facilities and distributed antenna systems primarily for wireless carriers.
    Acquired by American Tower in 2020.
    INVESTED: 2015
  • Latisys

    Provides co-location, managed hosting and managed services.
    Sold to Zayo in 2015.
    INVESTED: 2007
  • LinkSquares

    Contract lifecycle management SaaS
    INVESTED: 2021Point of Contact: Susan Bihler
  • MediaMath

    Offers a demand-side platform enabling agencies and advertisers to value and purchase digital advertising at scale and in real time
    INVESTED: 2011Point of Contact: Ryan McNally
  • MessageLabs

    E-mail security services that protect corporate and governmental users from viruses, spam, and other undesirable content. Sold to Symantec for $695 million in October 2008.
    INVESTED: 2000

    SaaS provider for the health, wellness and personal care industries, MINDBODY went public in 2015.
    INVESTED: 2009
  • Nine Systems

    Streaming media provider. Sold to Akamai for $160 million in December 2006.
    INVESTED: 2000
  • Oneida Broadband

    4G broadband wireless services provider in the United States on the BRS/EBS spectrum band. Acquired by Sprint Nextel in March 2008.
    INVESTED: 2006
  • Pax8

    Digital marketplace for IT software & cloud products
    INVESTED: 2020Point of Contact: Brian Rich
  • Presence

    Live online speech therapy, occupational therapy, and behavioral and mental health services for K-12 students
    INVESTED: 2015Point of Contact: Brian Rich
  • Rivet

    Modern healthcare billing platform
    INVESTED: 2022Point of Contact: Tyler Newton
  • TCP Communications

    Owner, developer and operator of over 200 wireless communications towers strategically located in the Eastern and Central United States. Acquired by Global Tower Partners in March 2006.
    INVESTED: 2002
  • Telemundo

    Second largest television broadcasting network in the United States targeting the Hispanic market. Telemundo was acquired in April 2003 by NBC Broadcasting.
    INVESTED: 2000
  • The RepTrak Company

    Global leader in corporate reputation measurement and management
    INVESTED: 2013Point of Contact: Tyler Newton
  • Weave

    Customer communication & payments software for SMBs
    INVESTED: 2017Point of Contact: Tyler Newton
  • WeddingWire

    The nation's leading online wedding planning resource designed to empower both engaged couples and wedding professionals. Acquired by Permira in June 2018.
    INVESTED: 2011
  • Xplornet

    The leading provider of broadband access to rural consumers across Canada using both 4G Wireless and two-way next generation satellites.
    Acquired by Stonepeak Infrastructure Partners in 2020.
    INVESTED: 2010