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Global leader in reputation rebrands as The RepTrak Company

BOSTON, MA | April 6, 2020 – The RepTrak Company™, formerly the Reputation Institute, today announced its new name and rebrand. This strategic move reflects how the company’s business is transforming to be more than a provider of reputation measurement. The RepTrak Company’s products and services help companies protect their business value, increase their return on investment and make a positive impact on society. They do this by using data and deep expertise to understand how a company is perceived and uncovering what actions to take.

As the global leader in reputation intelligence, the company’s vision is to rate the sentiment of the world — for every company — and to make it actionable.

Kylie Wright-Ford, CEO of The RepTrak Company, explains that the new brand reflects this vision: “We are building on our 20-year legacy in a way that is highly relevant today, moving from measurement to meaning, and we’re doing this for thousands of companies around the world each day, by proving that doing and saying the right thing is good business.” In this world of stakeholder capitalism, the idea of knowing what different people think about you and identifying what to do about it has become more important than ever.

“Rigorous and reliable understanding of corporate reputation is absolutely critical when navigating our increasingly complex world,” said Tyler Newton, chairman of the board of directors at The RepTrak Company and Partner at Catalyst Investors, the majority shareholder of the company. “The RepTrak Company is the definitive source that global companies turn to for reputation and brand insights. These leading companies value the ability to clearly articulate the return on reputation to their leadership teams and boards of directors.”

The RepTrak Company’s new logo is inspired by the northern and southern lights and reflects the company’s commitment to guide and inspire leaders to manage reputation through an ever-changing environment. The company’s RepTrak Program is the vehicle that provides customers with intelligence to protect and improve their business. Its analytics uncover the way to protect business value by helping predict likely future outcomes, its insights provide ways for companies to understand competitive threats and develop clearly differentiated messaging, and its ability to convene best-in-class experts provide leaders with fresh experiences to inspire and collaborate. The newly launched RepTrak Program leverages both media and polling data to give a 360-degree view of what the world thinks of corporations.

Founded in 1997 with global headquarters in Boston, The RepTrak Company measures approximately 5,000 companies per year, across more than 60 countries and more than 20 industries. Over the last 18 months the company has transformed the way it builds products, serves companies and leverages data with a new leadership team and an increasingly digital focus based on its proprietary RepTrak model. In addition to its new name, The RepTrak Company unveiled a new corporate brand identity, logo, website and domain name: A new tagline — Good Business. Better World — amplifies The RepTrak Company’s belief that a company’s actions and words lead to improved business value and positive societal impact.

About The RepTrak Company™
The RepTrak Company helps business leaders understand how their company is perceived so they can maximize business outcomes. Subscribers to the RepTrak Program receive actionable insights and guidance so they can protect business value, improve return on investment, and increase their positive impact on society. Our purpose is to prove that doing and saying the right thing is good business. Established in 1997 and rating over 5000 companies annually in more than 60 countries worldwide, The RepTrak Company owns the world’s largest reputation benchmarking database used by Global 2000 CEOs, boards and communications executives. For more information, please visit

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PresenceLearning Offers Teletherapy Training and Online Therapy Platform to Help Special Education Teams Continue Serving Students During COVID-19 School Closures

“As schools urgently seek solutions to move services online, we want to make sure that students with special education needs are prioritized,” said Kate Eberle Walker, CEO of Catalyst-backed PresenceLearning. “Over the past ten years we’ve developed a specific expertise in conducting teletherapy sessions for K-12 students and we have a purpose-built platform that is designed by and for clinicians. We realized that the best way we can help right now is to make our platform available more broadly, and to teach school-based clinicians how to approach teletherapy.”

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