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Intelligent Talent is a $9 billion global market growing 18%, comprised of software, content and analytics that leverage data to help companies build teams with the right individuals in the right roles. These solutions allow for improved decision making across the talent continuum – beginning with candidate recruitment and continuing through onboarding, ongoing development and retention.


The Intelligent Talent market is poised for continued growth as HR professionals (a traditionally tech-resistant group) embrace data-driven talent strategies to combat a tight labor market and the changing career preferences of younger generations. These tools enable companies to form a more holistic view of employees and potential hires while also providing a frictionless and engaging user experience.



Catalyst has a history of backing successful Intelligent Talent companies, including investments in Ascentis, Envoy, Galvanize, Jobvite and Reputation Institute. We believe this market will continue to experience tailwinds for years to come and are eager to partner with more of these businesses seeking growth equity capital.

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Press Releases

PresenceLearning Offers Teletherapy Training and Online Therapy Platform to Help Special Education Teams Continue Serving Students During COVID-19 School Closures

“As schools urgently seek solutions to move services online, we want to make sure that students with special education needs are prioritized,” said Kate Eberle Walker, CEO of Catalyst-backed PresenceLearning. “Over the past ten years we’ve developed a specific expertise in conducting teletherapy sessions for K-12 students and we have a purpose-built platform that is designed by and for clinicians. We realized that the best way we can help right now is to make our platform available more broadly, and to teach school-based clinicians how to approach teletherapy.”

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