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BrightFarms Featured in Forbes As a Safer Brand of Salad

IRVINGTON, N.Y. — BrightFarms, a leader in locally grown packaged salads, has been featured in Forbes as a safer brand of salad.

Paul Lightfoot, President at BrighFarms, explained to Forbes contributor Liz Engel that BrightFarms is “structurally better than the product we compete with, and consumers are really going for it.”

Following a surge of nationwide romaine recalls in the past year, including an E.coli outbreak just ahead of Thanksgiving, there are growing concerns about the safety of long distance, field grown salad greens.

Grown in local, indoor greenhouse farms, BrightFarms’ produce is fresher, safer, cleaner, healthier and tastier than long-distance, field-grown produce. All BrightFarms salads including its romaine lettuce, are safe to eat and were not associated with the FDA and CDC’s November 2019 romaine advisory.

“We’re replacing what’s…always been a long and complex supply chain. The salad industry is very centralized from the West Coast, and for places in the Midwest, that’s a long journey,” continued Lightfoot. “And with salads, which are two-week shelf life products, it’s a really big deal.”

With greenhouses in Pennsylvania, Virginia, Ohio and Illinois, BrightFarms continues to scale. 

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Press Releases

Catalyst Investors Promotes Kapil Desai to Principal

Growth equity firm Catalyst Investors announced the promotion of Kapil Desai to Principal. Desai joined Catalyst in 2014 as an analyst and focuses on evaluating and structuring new investment opportunities and managing the firm’s existing portfolio companies. He also supports deal origination through writing research reports, formulating investment strategies, and conducting company outreach.


HR Technologist | Jobvite Introduces Data Science Strategy to Improve Speed and Quality of Talent Acquisition

Catalyst portfolio company, Jobvite, the recruiting software, announces the launch of an innovative data science strategy to power its suite of HR products. The initiative will ensure hiring teams are served best-fit candidates while eliminating wasted time for both recruiters and candidates. This strategy incorporates multiple algorithms and sources of data that span company-wide preferences for hiring as well as individual recruiter-level preferences. The solutions, which are designed to work across all positions, recruiter preferences and industries, will be integrated within the product in early 2020.

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