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Reputation Institute expands in APAC

Reputation Institute Continues Expansion with New Offices in Australia and New Zealand

Reputation expert Oliver Freedman to lead APAC presence for the global leader in reputation measurement and management

BOSTON Reputation Institute  (RI) continues to build its global footprint with the expansion of new offices in Australia and New Zealand. For more than a decade, RI has built an extensive research database on the reputation of Australian and New Zealand companies, government agencies and nonprofit organizations. The expanded footprint allows RI to provide more value to its clients in the region with enhanced geographic focus, increased investment in reputation research and a dedicated on-the-ground team of reputation experts.

“The new offices in Australia and New Zealand will enable us to raise our game in the APAC region – allowing us to better serve our clients and create significant possibility to further drive our growth trajectory,” said Tyler Newton, Chief Executive Officer at RI.

Oliver Freedman will lead RI operations in Australia and New Zealand. With more than 20 years of research experience, Freedman is an established presence in Australia and regarded as one of the country’s premier experts in reputation measurement and management. Freedman is Australian media’s go-to resource on the role of reputation in building relationships and support among key stakeholders.

“I am excited to establish a business in Australia, deliver a world class reputation measurement and management capability to our clients, and to fulfill the untapped potential that exists in the region,” said Freedman.

About Reputation Institute

Reputation Institute powers the world’s most reputable companies. By tracking and analyzing stakeholder perceptions, we unleash the power of reputation to enable leaders to build better companies. Our RepTrak® model analyzes the reputations of companies and is best known as the Forbes-published Global RepTrak® 100. Underlying the model is the RepTrak® methodology, the global gold standard for measuring reputation. Learn more at:


The Packer: BrightFarms building fifth greenhouse

Catalyst-backed BrightFarms announced its fifth production greenhouse will be built in Abilene, Texas. The company has production facilities in Rochelle, Ill., Bucks County, Pa., and Culpepper County, Va. A Wilmington, Ohio, facility is scheduled to open in July.

Press Releases

Jobvite surpassed one million jobs filled

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