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F&W Media to ReBrand

Press Release – David Nussbaum, Chairman & CEO announced the rebranding of his Company F+W Media to better reflect the Company’s core tenets and strategic shift. F+W, a Content + eCommerce Company will continue in its century-old mission to serve its vertical communities and enthusiasts with inspiration, instruction, products and services through its diversified portfolio.

“As our Company continues to transform and grow through acquisitions and the launch of new products and services, we are strategically moving away from our traditional roots in the ‘media’ business,” said Nussbaum. In 2008, the Company changed its name from F+W Publications to F+W Media. Since that time, the Company has focused on its fastest-growing businesses, Digital and eCommerce. “Now we’ve changed again and our name needs to change as a reflection.”

Nussbaum explains, “The new name doesn’t categorize our Company or consumers, or hinder the creativity and entrepreneurship of our teams to come up with new ways to engage our consumers. But instead keeps the focus on our Content – in all forms – which sits at the heart of the Company. And our eCommerce business which allows us to deliver that content in myriad ways and interact directly with our valued consumers.”

Since 2008, the Company has grown its eCommerce business from one store and $6M in revenue to 31 individual vertical ecommerce stores with revenues approaching $60M in 2014. In 2013, F+W ecommerce stores had 20 Million unique shoppers and completed 650,000 individual transactions via its warehouses and through distribution partners.

The Company’s success in eCommerce hinged upon hiring the right people. “We revamped our organization in a full-scale strategy to add talent from leading retailers including senior staff from Amazon,” said Chad Phelps, Chief Digital Officer.

His division employs eCommerce Directors, Online Product Managers & Marketers, SEO/SEM Experts, Email and Traffic Managers, Third-Party Partnership Managers, and an in-house Customer Service call-center. Consumers across the Company’s niche categories – including craft, art, writing, design, outdoors, and lifestyle – are offered exclusive programs and products, pre-order promotions, Curated Kit Flash Sales, Reward and VIP programs, automated and personalized 1-to-1 marketing, Third Party products, and more.

“As our business grows, we are committed to providing the very best experience for our consumers,” added Nussbaum. The Company employs daily metrics and performance measures to gauge consumer satisfaction. “In fact, based on feedback from our customers, we’re planning to expand our Customer Service coverage to 7 days a week. That would have been unheard of – for a ‘media’ Company – just six short years ago.”

Contact: Stacie Berger, VP, Communications, [email protected]

Press Releases

MediaMath Acquires Tactads

MediaMath, the creator of the TerminalOne Marketing Operating System™ for digital marketers, today announced its acquisition of Tactads, provider of cookieless and cross-device targeting technologies. Integrated into TerminalOne, these technologies will provide advertisers the ability to communicate with consumers and unify marketing efforts across smartphone, tablet, laptop, desktop, and other devices.

Press Releases

Xplornet Acquires Canadian Capacity on ViaSat-2 Satellite

Xplornet Communications Inc., Canada’s largest rural broadband service provider, today announced it has contracted with ViaSat Inc. (NASDAQ:VSAT) for all of the residential capacity covering Canada on the upcoming ViaSat-2 satellite, which is scheduled to launch in 2016. Already offering Xplornet high-speed Internet on the ViaSat-1 satellite, Xplornet will be able to offer faster speeds and more data throughput for its customers with the doubling of bandwidth efficiency expected from ViaSat-2.

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