Supply Chain Tech

COVID was an unprecedented disruption for global supply chains. Prior to COVID, businesses were optimizing for growth, margins, and efficiency at the cost of resilience, so when supply chains stopped operating as planned, many were left scrambling. In the wake of COVID supply chains have slowly normalized, with the last few years being dubbed “the great reset”. Now back on solid ground, we believe this is a great time to invest in the digitization of supply chains and protect against a similar disruption to the global economy.

Looking ahead, we believe supply chain complexities will increase, and these complexities will need to be combatted through the adoption of technology. Adopting technology will enable disparate systems and applications to communicate with one another in a common data model, offering greater visibility throughout the supply chain and enabling automation to optimize supply chain operations via scenario planning and exception handling.

In this piece we explore the trends and companies driving the digitization of global supply chains with the goal of achieving greater visibility and resilience.