Presence Acquires RemoteHQ Software to Drive Innovation and Best-in-Class Remote Therapy Experience

NEW YORK, August 23, 2023 – Presence, a premier solution for PreK–12 remote evaluation and teletherapy services, today announced its acquisition of RemoteHQ’s proprietary software platform. This unique collaboration tool turns screen sharing into an interactive experience for clinicians and students who use Presence’s platform. This exclusive technology makes it possible for everyone to browse and engage with any website as if they were working side-by-side on the same computer.

Presence utilizes this cutting-edge technology to power its one-of-a-kind virtual therapy room. Designed by clinicians for clinicians, the therapy platform is the result of more than a decade of working with teletherapists and technology experts to create an experience that serves the diverse needs of students and that elevates and empowers clinicians.

“The RemoteHQ software supports the most used and loved features of our platform, making therapy via video conference truly interactive for clinicians and students,” says Colt Stander, Chief Product Officer at Presence. “Creating an experience where students can ‘co-pilot’ the session is critical for driving engaging sessions. That’s why this technology is so important; it allows us to simulate the in-person dynamic in a remote setting for students and providers.”

Without leaving the virtual therapy room, providers can access Presence-specific content and any external websites directly creating instant collaboration capabilities for students during sessions. This enables clinicians to work with their favorite existing resources, play interactive games and create custom activities to bring therapy to the next level, ultimately helping keep students more engaged throughout the session.

“We are very excited to join forces with Presence, which already has been a big partner and user of our platform,” said Waikit Lau, co-founder of RemoteHQ. “Our solution, which supports seamless co-browsing and collaboration without having to exit the platform, is different from other passive software programs out there and has enabled Presence users to have an immersive, collaborative experience in ways that aren’t possible elsewhere.”

Presence’s platform puts thousands of digital resources at clinician’s fingertips, so they can spend less time prepping and more time delivering therapy. Clinicians can tailor content on the go, deliver digital assessments on-site or at home, and store everything in one central place. They can also easily manage and maintain student data and documentation in a protected, secure platform.

“This acquisition supports our ongoing efforts to empower clinicians who serve students with diverse needs,” said Kate Eberle Walker, CEO of Presence. “We are investing in this technology because it matters to our providers, and we’ll continue to prioritize investments that create standout experiences for them and the students they serve.”

About Presence

Inspired to drive solutions for the national shortage of school clinicians, Presence is unlocking the potential of schools and clinicians by removing traditional barriers to success through an elevated approach to teletherapy. As a trusted leader in teletherapy since 2009, Presence is innovating how schools assess and address student special education and mental health needs. By equipping the largest network of teletherapy providers with award-winning technology and end-to-end clinical support, Presence is meeting the needs of schools, students, and clinicians today—wherever they are. With over 5 million remote evaluations and teletherapy sessions conducted throughout the U.S., schools and teletherapists trust the experience and expertise of Presence, a pioneer in school-based teletherapy. Presence is teletherapy, elevated.

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About RemoteHQ

RemoteHQ builds immersive collaborative and communication technologies that enables anyone to work together remotely. The company’s award-winning platform is used by teams around the world for internal collaboration, sales, training and e-learning since 2019. RemoteHQ is funded by leading venture capital firms.

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