Catalyst portfolio company Reputation Institute names new Executive Partner for North America

Catalyst portfolio company Reputation Institute expands to France

Reputation Institute is expanding the team in Paris to serve the increasing demand for reputation measurement and management in France. As part of the expansion Reputation Institute is launching the largest ongoing tracking study of corporate reputation in France, where the largest and most visible companies will be measured using RepTrak® on a monthly basis.

Catalyst portfolio company Reputation Institute names new CMO

Catalyst-backed Reputation Institute hired Allen Bonde as the firm’s new Chief Marketing Officer. Bonde brings a wealth of experience within the technology and consulting services industries, with prior marketing leadership roles at Placester, OpenText, Offerpop (now Wyng) and KANA Software, as well as practice management, research and consulting roles in leading firms including Yankee Group, Extraprise, and McKinsey.

Tyler Newton Named Reputation Institute’s Board Chairman

Reputation Institute announced that Andrew Prozes and John McKinley joined the board and Tyler Newton will assume the role of Board Chairman. Following the celebration of the 20th Anniversary of Reputation Institute at the 2016 Global Reputation Leaders Summit, Founder Dr. Charles Fombrun has retired as Chairman and is assuming the role of Chairman Emeritus. The Best CSR Reputations In The World

Catalyst portfolio company Reputation Institute’s latest survey – based on 240,000 respondents in 15 countries – sheds light on which companies are seen by consumers as the most socially responsible. The results this year, for the most part, show the same conglomerates at the top of the roster, though there a couple of notable movements.

Forbes: The Most Reputable Tech Companies In 2016

Catalyst Investors portfolio company Reputation Institute (RI), a global reputation management consulting firm, released its annual list of the of most reputable tech companies, with Amazon topping the list.

RI Vice President and Chief Research Officer Brad Hecht explained that his firm takes a multilayered approach to measuring reputation, with the most reputable tech companies list being an offshoot of the overall reputation research it conducts in the first quarter of every year.

Forbes: The 10 Companies Millennials In The U.S. Trust The Most

The information used to understand which business entities people respect comes from The Reputation Institute (RI), a reputation-management consulting firm based in Boston that launched in 1997. Since it’s founding, the firm has offered corporate clients strategies and insights into how they might gauge and improve their reputation among customers in various markets around the globe.

Forbes: The World’s Most Reputable Cities – Reputation Institute

The Reputation Institute, a global private consulting firm based in New York and Copenhagen, released its third annual list of 100 cities, ranked according to ratings in three categories: advanced economy, appealing environment and effective government. According to the Institute’s managing partner Fernando Prado, the list shows where people and companies are most and least likely to want to visit, do business and invest.