Catalyst portfolio company Clinicient announces Insight Care Navigator

Catalyst portfolio company Clinicient announces Insight Care Navigator

Clinicient Inc., a leader in outpatient rehabilitation business solutions, announced its Insight Care Navigator, the first therapy-specific care coordination system to seamlessly connect care coordinators to therapists, orthopedic surgeons, other providers, and bundle administrators with the tools and data to ensure patients get the best care, at the lowest cost in the most appropriate setting.

MINDBODY Acquires HealCode

MINDBODY, the leading provider of cloud–based business management software to the wellness services industry, and an emerging consumer marketplace, announced the acquisition of one of its most successful technology platform partners: Austin–based HealCode. Through this acquisition, MINDBODY adds powerful, new customer engagement and marketing tools to its suite of business and consumer solutions.

MINDBODY Partners with Xero to Streamline Accounting

MINDBODY, Inc., the leading provider of cloud-based business management software for the wellness services industry, has integrated with Xero, a leading provider of cloud accounting software for small businesses, allowing MINDBODY subscribers in the United States and United Kingdom to sync their sales data with Xero’s accounting solution to further streamline business management.

Focused on White Coats, Not Suits and Ties – Catalyst Seeks Doctor-Entrepreneurs

Catalyst Investors has traditionally focused on the HCIT category, including investments in companies such as MINDBODY (business management software for health and wellness), Clinicient (PM and RCM for physical therapists) and PresenceLearning (speech and occupational therapy telemedicine for K-12 students). While we continue to actively seek out opportunities in this sector, Catalyst is also exploring healthcare services, particularly focusing on practice management companies that aggregate (or roll-up) specialty providers.

FOXBusiness: Mindbody CEO: We’ll Be Profitable in 2017

“This business can be profitable at any time. All we have to do is ease off the gas a little bit in growth and R&D, but right now there is a huge opportunity to deliver even more value and services to our clients and expand our client base,” Rick Stollmeyer, CEO of Mindbody Inc. tells

Catalyst portfolio company Videology partners with Everyday Health, launches TVRx™

Everyday Health, Inc. (NYSE: EVDY), a leading provider of digital health and wellness solutions, and Videology, a leading software provider for converged TV and video advertising, today announced the launch of TVRx™, a solution for pharmaceutical and health-oriented marketers to target relevant health audiences across television and digital video. The innovative partnership combines Everyday Health’s extensive audience reach and analytics expertise with Videology’s best-in-class platform for planning, executing and measuring video campaigns across any screen.

Transparency vs. Privacy: Is Our Healthcare Data Policy Leading Us to a Dystopian Future?

While we are comfortable having our health data regularly monitored, this desire for transparency may be biased by self-selection, as health-conscious millennials are more inclined to quantify themselves than their (potentially) less active, (by definition) less young counterparts. Gamification and other incentives must continue to encourage those who would otherwise prefer privacy to become more transparent with their health information, as this transparency will improve doctors’ ability to provide preventative care, reduce employers’ healthcare costs and ultimately, improve overall population health and reduce disparities within the population.

Catalyst FAQ on Health Care

When and why did Catalyst get interested in health care?  Approximately three years ago Catalyst realized that it was shutting itself off from a large segment of growth equity investment opportunities by not developing an expertise in and ultimately making investments in health care. Health care spending currently represents ~20% of U.S. GDP and IDC … Continued