Focused on White Coats, Not Suits and Ties – Catalyst Seeks Doctor-Entrepreneurs

Focused on White Coats, Not Suits and Ties – Catalyst Seeks Doctor-Entrepreneurs

Catalyst Investors has traditionally focused on the HCIT category, including investments in companies such as MINDBODY (business management software for health and wellness), Clinicient (PM and RCM for physical therapists) and PresenceLearning (speech and occupational therapy telemedicine for K-12 students). While we continue to actively seek out opportunities in this sector, Catalyst is also exploring healthcare services, particularly focusing on practice management companies that aggregate (or roll-up) specialty providers.

Transparency vs. Privacy: Is Our Healthcare Data Policy Leading Us to a Dystopian Future?

While we are comfortable having our health data regularly monitored, this desire for transparency may be biased by self-selection, as health-conscious millennials are more inclined to quantify themselves than their (potentially) less active, (by definition) less young counterparts. Gamification and other incentives must continue to encourage those who would otherwise prefer privacy to become more transparent with their health information, as this transparency will improve doctors’ ability to provide preventative care, reduce employers’ healthcare costs and ultimately, improve overall population health and reduce disparities within the population.

Catalyst FAQ on Health Care

When and why did Catalyst get interested in health care?  Approximately three years ago Catalyst realized that it was shutting itself off from a large segment of growth equity investment opportunities by not developing an expertise in and ultimately making investments in health care. Health care spending currently represents ~20% of U.S. GDP and IDC … Continued

Who Cares What You’re Wearing?!?

Catalyst is exploring the health and wellness technology sector, and while we have been observing the extensive media attention surrounding Nike’s decision to cease its wearable hardware efforts and the estimated $570 million of venture capital invested in wearable technologies, WE ACTUALLY DON’T CARE WHAT YOU’RE WEARING! We are indifferent as to whether you’re a Fitbit, a FuelBand, a Fitlinxx, a Jawbone, a Samsung, a Garmin, a Misfit or even a Lark – rather, we are more interested in the health and wellness software that powers your wearable device.