A New Wave of Travel Tech Arrives for Growth Equity

A New Wave of Travel Tech Arrives for Growth Equity

Catalyst believes that Travel Tech presents a compelling market opportunity and welcomes discussion with growth-stage B2B or B2B2C business in the space. For our first foray into the New Wave of Travel Tech, we frame the broader market by separating it into three main verticals:  transportation, lodging and activities.

Bringing Growth Equity Back Home (and Across the US)

Catalyst considers Pittsburgh to be one of the “lesser ventured regions” across the US and it has caught our attention. We have seen some of the most exciting companies spring up in areas outside of the traditional tech hotbeds. So why is a Pittsburgh (or an Indianapolis, a Salt Lake City, a Denver, a Portland, etc.) the perfect place to search for growth equity opportunities? And if you’re an entrepreneur in one of these regions, why should you call us? Read on!

Catalyst Investors Closes Fund IV at $377 Million

On March 31st, Catalyst Investors held the final close of its fourth fund, Catalyst Investors IV, with $377 million in capital commitments. Fund IV was oversubscribed, exceeding its $350 million target. Catalyst partners with high-growth, technology-enabled businesses, a strategy which the firm has pursued consistently since inception in 1999.

Software May Not Eat Education, But Innovators & Educators MUST Grab Coffee

In his recent blog post “Software Will Not Eat Education,” Ben Stern, Manager of Education Partnerships at TeachBoost and advisor to Ponder, reasons that software will not “eat” education because the main problems in K-12 are human and political issues: the achievement gap, funding disparities and teacher attrition. However, he caveats that there are three conditions under which software can positively affect education.

FundFire: Cambridge, Others See Growth in Growth Equity

“There has been a relatively modest amount of total alternative capital going into growth equity, [but] it has been increasing pretty dramatically over the past few years,” says Brian Rich, managing partner and co-founder at growth equity specialist Catalyst Investors. Anecdotally, and over a longer period, Bruce Evans, managing director at growth equity shop Summit Partners, says he has also seen the strong growth Cambridge is touting. In 1999 the firm had $2.8 billion in fee-paying assets under management, which has now risen to $10 billion, despite the financial crisis and the technology crash in 2000.