Provider Perspectives

By Kapil Desai and Sidney Kanell

Healthcare IT came into the spotlight in 2009 when the HITECH Act mandated the digitization of health records through the adoption of EHRS. Today, most providers still operate with inflexible, legacy EHR software which tends to have poor UI/UX and minimal integrations. Doctors end up sending more time charting than they spend on face-to-face patient interactions. Meanwhile, the regulatory landscape continues to evolve, mandating a staged transition to value-based-care and the implementation of new interoperability standards. And as the cost of healthcare rises, stakeholders across the ecosystem look for alternative, less expensive care delivery and reimbursement models.

Considering the ongoing changes across the healthcare ecosystem, providers can benefit from tools that facilitate compliance with new regulations, improved business efficiency, maximized reimbursement and the delivery of care to the right patients at the right time. We believe this presents an exciting and actionable opportunity and we look forward to meeting companies building in this space.

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