Market Opportunities Post COVID 19: “The Aftermath”

By Allison Forlenza and Brian Rich

In March, we will reach the one-year anniversary of the first COVID lockdowns instituted in the US. Given the milestone, we assembled this report reflecting upon some of our initial assumptions around COVID’s impact on the tech ecosystem. Additionally, as we look towards the end of confinement and return to “normalcy,” we shift our focus to the technology landscape and investment opportunity set on a go forward basis.

Overall, many of our predictions around the future of work and relevant business implications appear to have come to fruition. We’ve seen clear indicators that attitudes are changing around the necessity of business travel and the acceptance of a distributed workforce. Experts estimate that the pandemic has sped up the adoption of digital technologies by several years, leading to a strong and fast-growing opportunity set for tech investors. Also, as the economy begins to reopen, we anticipate a significant amount of recovery opportunities for impacted vertical software players and tech-enabled services.

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