Tech Stack Training

Provider Perspectives

By Kapil Desai and Sidney Kanell

New regulations, rising costs and the consumerization of healthcare are fueling innovation in HCIT. Check out our report to learn how we see the provider solution landscape evolving.

DevOps Ecosystem: Application Testing

By Kyle Howard-Johnson

“Move fast and *don’t* break things. Application testing remains one of the biggest bottlenecks to getting new functionality in the hands of users with the desired velocity and quality, and where there is a challenge, we believe there tends to be opportunity as well.

Opportunities in PropTech

By Sidney Kanell and Kapil Desai

Real estate is the largest asset class in the world and its archaic systems and processes present opportunities for disruption across the ecosystem. Today’s catalysts, which include a macro digital shift, the arrival of 5G, and COVID’s lasting impact on how we live and work, position PropTech for accelerated growth.

Market Opportunities Post COVID 19: “The Aftermath”

By Allison Forlenza and Brian Rich

In March, we will reach the one-year anniversary of the first COVID lockdowns instituted in the US. Given the milestone, we assembled this report reflecting upon some of our initial assumptions around COVID’s impact on the tech ecosystem. Additionally, as we look towards the end of confinement and return to “normalcy,” we shift our focus … Continued

Evolution of the Software Development Lifecycle and DevOps Tools

By Kyle Howard-Johnson

The software development lifecycle (SDLC) experienced a paradigm shift when, driven by demand for more rapid innovation, traditional practices gave way to agile development methods that became commonplace amongst DevOps teams. As the development methods became more iterative in nature, developers required a new set of tools to not only enable but also accelerate the software development process, resulting in the proliferation of DevOps tools.

Industry 4.0 Overview

By Tyler Newton, CFA

The convergence of integrated software, efficient hardware and modern networking infrastructure has created a new technology environment. Industry 4.0 sits at the convergence of these technologies and enables many industries that we actively track.