Governance, Risk, Compliance & Security (“GRCS”)

Historically, Governance, Risk & Compliance (“GRC”) and Security have been thought of completely separately, each with their own internal responsibilities, teams, workflows, budgets and demand for bespoke software. However, as the economy continues embarking upon an increasingly digital age, the two are merging: the same data sets are utilized for the needs of each, industry standards are co-mingling, and workflows are becoming interwoven – leading to merging budgets and procurement processes. Meeting this new reality is a new cohort of software vendors seeking to help enterprises manage, mitigate, and remediate the digital risks they face.

We at Catalyst have been observing this trend over the past few years. We’re now acknowledging the merging of these two markets with our own acronym: GRCS. As active investors in the GRC & Security landscape, we are excited to meet and partner with the upcoming market leaders solving tomorrow’s problems.