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Jonathan Ewert

CEO, CapZone Analytics

Jonathan Ewert is CEO of CapZone Analytics, providing leading financial,
advisory, and corporate professionals with quantitative market data, analysis,
and compliance solutions to facilitate capital flows into US Opportunity Zones
created under the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017.

Prior to CapZone, Jonathan served in executive leadership roles of two
portfolio companies of United Communications Group. As Chief Executive
Officer of Wellesley Information Services, Jonathan led the company through
a business transformation and successful exit to a group of private investors.
While serving as CEO of Wellesley Information Services, Jonathan also
served as President and Chief Revenue Officer of Placeable, a marketing
automation SaaS company, where he led the company’s corporate
development strategy through to exit.

Previously, Jonathan served in CEO, Executive Chairman, and Board of Director roles for several
portfolio companies of Catalyst Investors, a middle-market growth equity firm based in New York
where he continues to serve on the Advisory Board. Jonathan has served on advisory boards for
Google and Bloomberg, as well as a Director of several US and foreign corporations.

Prior to Catalyst, Jonathan served as SVP of Corporate Development for LookSmart (Nasdaq:
LOOK), and as CEO of ePALS (TSXV: SLN). He earned his B.A. in Political Science in 1986 from
the College of the Holy Cross.