Catlyst-backed Videology receives credit facility to expand

Videology Offers First-of-its-Kind Programmatic Access to Data-Enabled, In-Cinema Video Inventory Through Alliance with Screenvision Media

Catalyst-backed Videology announced an alliance with Screenvision Media, a national cinema advertising leader. Through the relationship, advertisers will have the ability to plan, buy and execute data-enabled cinema advertising campaigns holistically with TV and video campaigns through a single platform. Following implementation, advertisers will have the ability to, for the first time, apply online and offline household interest and consumption along with transactional data, to cinema advertising inventory for next-level targeting.

Videology Achieves New Levels of Accuracy for In-Demo Data Delivery

Videology, a leading software provider for converged TV and video advertising, announced significant improvements in its ability to use predictive targeting to improve performance against Nielsen’s Digital Ad Ratings (DAR) and comScore validated Campaign Essentials (vCE) measurement. With these new improvements, Catalyst-backed Videology can now achieve in-demo campaign accuracy at scale, far surpassing delivery norms and benchmarks based on the contextual/publisher placement or other 3rd party demo data providers.

Re/Code: Videology CEO Scott Ferber on programmatic TV

As television and digital video continue to converge, we move a little bit closer to video advertising’s holy grail: The ability to purchase premium inventory aimed at select audiences with a single media plan that covers television, mobile and desktop devices.

Marketing Land: Videology incorporates Nielsen data

The integration of targeting data from online users and network/cable TV viewers has taken another step closer, with the announcement by video ad platform Videology that it is stepping up its use of data from audience measurement firm Nielsen.

Videology extends integration of Nielsen Data

Videology announced that it has expanded data leveraged within its platform for planning to include audience segments from eXelate, a Nielsen Company. Two years ago, Videology announced that it was the first Video platform to leverage Nielsen’s TV and Cross–Platform Homes data as a component powering Videology’s platform for television ad decisioning. The integration of eXelate audience segments will allow for more cross-screen segmenting, and the continued ability to plan, buy or sell both TV inventory and digital video inventory using a common metric.

Re/Code: Videology’s Scott Ferber on the UpFronts & NewFronts

It’s that time again. The television upfronts — where broadcast and cable networks received 50 percent to 70 percent of last year’s ad revenue, and the digital NewFronts — the industry’s showcase for digital video. Now lon-standing traditions, the upfront dates back more than 50 years to 1962, and the NewFronts is approaching a 10-year anniversary after first rolling out in 2008.