Why It Matters to Have Diversity in Positions of Influence

PresenceLearning Announces Expanded Leadership Team

Catalyst-backed Presence Learning added four new members to its leadership team. The company’s new CFO, COO, CTO, and VP of Marketing & Communications complete the formation of a gender-balanced team of education industry leaders as the company positions itself for growth.

PresenceLearning enables schools and districts to expand delivery of early childhood services

Catalyst-backed PresenceLearning, the leading telehealth network of live, online special education related service providers, recently launched online early childhood services to expand the ability of schools and districts to deliver early childhood interventions and services to children ages 0-5. With PresenceLearning, school systems and education organizations can access a nationwide network of hundreds of highly qualified clinicians – including speech-language pathologists, occupational therapists, and behavioral and mental health professionals – to help deliver these timely services to young learners and to consult with their families and caregivers.

Catalyst portfolio company PresenceLearning awarded by Association of American Publishers

PresenceLearning’s “Success for Every Learner: From At-Risk to Successful” webinar series campaign won a 2017 REVERE Award for Integrated Marketing in the “Under 30K Campaign Budget” category. Given by the Association of American Publishers (AAP), this industry-leading award honors educational marketing campaigns using multiple media channels.

PresenceLearning’s Online Therapy Environment Lightyear Wins Tech & Learning Award of Excellence

Catalyst-backed PresenceLearning was recently awarded a 2016 Tech & Learning Award of Excellence in the Best Upgraded Products category for its updated live, online therapy solution, Lightyear. The award program honors both new and upgraded innovative software, hardware, network, app and web products that have proven to be helpful educator tools. This is the fifth Tech & Learning Award of Excellence PresenceLearning has won.

PresenceLearning Launches “Lightyear” Online Therapy Solution

PresenceLearning announced the release of Lightyear, a newly designed therapy environment that delivers high fidelity, live telehealth sessions while putting less demand on school network bandwidth. Now, even more schools have access to PresenceLearning’s network of highly qualified clinicians to help students with special needs succeed.

T.H.E. Journal: PresenceLearning Redesigns and Re-releases Lightyear Tool

PresenceLearning released Lightyear, a newly redesigned therapy program that offers high fidelity and live health sessions while reportedly putting less demand on school network bandwidth. The program is designed so that more schools — particularly schools in areas with limited access to high-speed Internet — can gain access to PresenceLearning’s extensive network of qualified clinicians to assist students with special needs.

PresenceLearning Surpasses One Million Live, Online Therapy Sessions

Catalyst-backed PresenceLearning reached a major milestone and has provided more than one million live, online therapy sessions. Serving thousands of students with special needs every day, PresenceLearning has vastly increased the number of sessions it delivers year after year since its founding in 2009 while continually expanding service offerings to schools and health care organizations.