ChowNow | 100 Million Orders and Counting

ChowNow | 100 Million Orders and Counting

Our portfolio company ChowNow recently surpassed 100 million orders. In a crowded space in which most online ordering companies are predatory, taking advantage of small restaurant owners, we are proud to back a company that empowers restaurants and puts them in the driver’s seat, helping them grow their businesses during a trying time for restaurants.

Evolution of the Software Development Lifecycle and DevOps Tools

The software development lifecycle (SDLC) experienced a paradigm shift when, driven by demand for more rapid innovation, traditional practices gave way to agile development methods that became commonplace amongst DevOps teams. As the development methods became more iterative in nature, developers required a new set of tools to not only enable but also accelerate the software development process, resulting in the proliferation of DevOps tools.

Industry 4.0 Overview

The convergence of integrated software, efficient hardware and modern networking infrastructure has created a new technology environment. Industry 4.0 sits at the convergence of these technologies and enables many industries that we actively track. Catalyst Investors’ history in software and TMT is quite relevant to Industry 4.0. We are excited to meet and partner with growth stage companies that are built as Industry 4.0 solutions from the ground up, as well as existing service businesses that can adopt Industry 4.0 technologies as an evolution.

Research | Market Opportunities Post-COVID-19

COVID-19 will likely curb future business travel, reduce regulatory barriers for online tools and contribute to a greater appreciation for risk management. It is our view that these trends will require significant upgrades to tech infrastructure, including an acceleration of 5G rollouts and cloud transitions. In software, we see meaningful tailwinds in communications software, particularly in telehealth and e-learning. Additionally, Governance, Risk & Compliance software is well positioned for strong growth, most notably in business continuity and 3rd party vendor risk management. 

Research | Intelligent Talent

Intelligent Talent is a $9 billion global market growing 18%, comprised of software, content and analytics that leverage data to help companies build teams with the right individuals in the right roles. These solutions allow for improved decision making across the talent continuum – beginning with candidate recruitment and continuing through onboarding, ongoing development and retention.

Welcoming Effectual to the Portfolio

Catalyst recently welcomed Effectual to the portfolio. Public cloud migration and adoption has shifted from a question of ‘if’ to ‘when’ for nearly all organizations with legacy infrastructure. This is not to say that on-premise computing will cease to exist, because there are certain workloads that will remain on-prem for the foreseeable future due to regulatory and compliance restrictions, but some level of cloud competency has become all but required due to the cost efficiencies, scalability, reliability, and other benefits associated with public cloud deployments.