About Catalyst

Forward Thinking

Catalyst Investors is a growth equity venture capital firm investing in technology-enabled businesses. Founded in 1999 and currently investing out of our fifth fund, we employ a proactive, research-based approach to investing.


Research-Based Investing

We target sectors that are experiencing above-average growth relative to the broader market. We utilize our proactive research program and dedicated Catalyst Advisory Group of seasoned technology entrepreneurs to recognize important market trends early. We identify and invest in world-class companies and management teams to capitalize on those trends.


Your Catalyst for Growth

We are true growth equity investors – our returns are driven primarily by our companies’ growth, not by the use of excessive debt financing. We work in partnership with entrepreneurs to ensure that they have the full array of strategic, tactical, and financial tools to excel in fast-moving, competitive industries.


Core Values

We are committed to our mission statement – to earn superior returns by helping entrepreneurs build great growth companies. At the heart of this mission are the core values that define who we are and what we do.


We are dedicated to constant improvement. We learn from our experiences, evolve with our industries and adapt to our environments.


We believe that success is rooted in teamwork — the best ideas come from collective, open dialogue.


We stick to our principles, take the high road and focus on the long term interests of our management teams, investors and employees.


We are driven by the love of what we do and the satisfaction created by successes that are earned, shared and celebrated.


We are catalysts in more than name — we are committed to making a positive difference.

Partner With Management

Catalyst collaborates with management teams to buy, build, and grow enduring companies by providing strategic and financial support. Our active board participation and industry expertise enable us to work together with management to achieve common goals. We always strive to take the long view and recognize the critical importance of working with management to build companies of enduring value.


  • Strengthen company culture and mission
  • Source, evaluate and recommend key hires
  • Utilize Catalyst network of advisors and experts


  • Define target market and customer
  • Refine core value proposition and product roadmap
  • Scale go-to-market and customer care operations


  • Institutionalize strong board governance
  • Align incentives among stakeholders
  • Position for M&A and exit opportunities


  • Promote budget and reporting discipline
  • Set core KPIs and benchmark against peers
  • Employ rolling, multi-year forecasts