The Catalyst Approach
Investment Criteria

We partner with B2B companies at the inflection point from startup to expansion. Here are some of the things we look for:

Check Size
$10mm – 20mm+
Transaction Type
Expansion capital (Primary & Secondary)
$4mm+ of ARR
Key Attributes
Post Product Market Fit; Compelling Market Opportunity
Target Holding Period
5+ Years

Our Partnership Style

The Heart of How We Operate

We have one mission— We earn superior returns by helping entrepreneurs build great growth companies. To deliver on this mission, we provide strategic guidance in core management focus areas.

  • Strengthen company culture and mission
  • Source, evaluate and recommend key hires
  • Utilize Catalyst network of advisors and experts
  • Define target market and customer
  • Refine core value proposition and product roadmap
  • Scale go-to-market and customer care operations
  • Institutionalize strong board governance
  • Align incentives among stakeholders
  • Position for M&A and exit opportunities
  • Promote budget and reporting discipline
  • Set core KPIs and benchmark against peers
  • Employ rolling, multi-year forecasts
Our Partnerships

Working With Catalyst

Our management teams are supported with life-cycle capital and a value-add platform.

"Catalyst's successful track record set the firm apart from the rest when we were fundraising and has continued to pay dividends. Few investors understand how to scale local SaaS businesses as well as the Catalyst team."

-Chris Webb, Co-Founder & CEO, ChowNow

"The Catalyst team has been a true partner to us at Presence. Their strategic guidance and hands-on approach have directly contributed to our financial success and market leadership."

-Kate Eberle Walker, CEO, Presence

"The Catalyst team and their advisory board members have added exceptional value, helping us build our team, develop strategies for growth and breach hard-to-crack-open doors. Their input has been invaluable."

-Paul Lightfoot, Founder, BrightFarms

"They say genius is 1 percent inspiration and 99 percent perspiration. Catalyst perspires alongside their CEOs. That is commitment."

-Tim Chi, Co-Founder & CEO, WeddingWire (now The Knot)

"Catalyst invested in MINDBODY in 2009 when very few funds were deploying capital, and they were with us every step of the way through our successful 2015 IPO."

Rick Stollmeyer, Co-Founder & Executive Chairman, Mindbody