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The Packer | BrightFarm’s Paul Lightfoot heads USDA industry advisory group

BrightFarms is pleased to announce that Paul Lightfoot, company Founder & President, has been elected Chair of the USDA’s Fruit & Vegetable Industry Advisory Committee (FVIAC).

The FVIAC advises the Secretary of Agriculture on issues affecting the fruit and vegetable industry. Its members are key leaders in the produce industry, including growers, shippers, retailers and processors. Lightfoot was elected to the Chairmanship in October of this year and will begin his term in January 2021.

“I am honored to be elected by my colleagues to serve as Chair of this important committee” said Lightfoot. “I plan to advance the committee’s work on important issues related to labor, trade, food safety, production and in the creation of jobs related to efforts to combat climate change.

“In addition, I will recommend that the USDA enact and follow policies to increase fruit & vegetable consumption in the U.S. Increased consumption of fruits and vegetables would materially improve the United States. Americans would be healthier, happier and would live longer,” Lightfoot said. “Diet-related chronic diseases, such as obesity, diabetes and heart disease, would decrease, reducing the costs of health case, improving state and federal budgets, and improving our military readiness. Increased consumption of fruits and vegetables would decrease greenhouse gas emissions, helping to turn back climate change.”

A healthy and sustainable food zealot, Lightfoot leads BrightFarms on its mission to provide supermarkets with the freshest, tastiest and most responsibly grown local produce. Through his vision, BrightFarms has created the first national brand of locally grown produce.

In addition to his role as Chair of FVIAC, Lightfoot also sits on the board of the United Fresh Produce Association and is the Founder & Chairman of the Controlled Environment Agriculture Food Safety Coalition. For more information about BrightFarms, visit










ChowNow | 100 Million Orders and Counting

Our portfolio company ChowNow recently surpassed 100 million orders. In a crowded space in which most online ordering companies are predatory, taking advantage of small restaurant owners, we are proud to back a company that empowers restaurants and puts them in the driver’s seat, helping them grow their businesses during a trying time for restaurants.

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