The Produce News | BrightFarms expansion to boost leafy green production by 40 percent

BrightFarms, a leading supplier of locally grown salads for supermarkets, has opened a new expansion to its Rochelle, IL, greenhouse. The increase in production will support BrightFarms continued growth in the market, including a 34 percent jump in year over year sales with Mariano’s.

The 160,000 square-foot greenhouse opened in 2016 to provide retailers with a fresher and more sustainable alternative to leafy greens grown on the West Coast. The company currently supplies over 150 Roundy’s Supermarkets (Mariano’s, Pick ‘n Save, Metro Market) with packaged salads that arrive on store shelves in as little as 24 hours of harvest.

BrightFarms in-store presence, which includes a breakthrough display and references to the Rochelle greenhouse, has become a destination in the Roundy’s produce department. The brand has grown a large following of loyal consumers that gravitate towards key attributes like freshness and sustainability.

“For over four years now, BrightFarms has provided consumers in Illinois and Wisconsin with delicious local produce that was grown within a short drive of their local Mariano’s and Pick ‘n Save,” said Abby Prior, senior vice president of sales and marketing at BrightFarms. “With our increased production, we’re thrilled that we have the opportunity expand our partnership with Roundy’s and provide more consumers in the region with access to the freshest, cleanest and most responsibly grown produce.”

BrightFarms recently celebrated the 10th anniversary of Mariano’s supermarkets with a series of in-store activations across the Chicago market.

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Catalyst portfolio company PresenceLearning, the leading provider of live online behavioral and mental health services for K-12 schools, partnered with iOpening Enterprises to develop Finding Your Power in Uncertain Times, a 6-week trauma-informed group therapy program designed to help students who are struggling with life’s current stressors including social, emotional, and economic impacts from COVID-19 and civil unrest in their communities.

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Catalyst portfolio company Weave is featured on The Cloud 100. Make no mistake: Covid-19 hasn’t slowed this group down. With a record combined value of about $270 billion and at least 87 companies valued at $1 billion or more—up from 65 a year ago—the Cloud 100 list is bigger and stronger than ever before.

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