GrowthCap | The Top Women in Growth Equity and Private Equity of 2020

Catalyst Investors’ partner Susan Bihler was named to GrowthCap’s list of The Top Women in Growth Equity and Private Equity of 2020.

The individuals selected are those who have demonstrated deep expertise in private company investing, portfolio management, firm operations as well as business expansion strategy and execution. Moreover, they have demonstrated a high level of consistent professional performance over a sustained period of time.

The full list and article can be found here.


Evolution of the Software Development Lifecycle and DevOps Tools

The software development lifecycle (SDLC) experienced a paradigm shift when, driven by demand for more rapid innovation, traditional practices gave way to agile development methods that became commonplace amongst DevOps teams. As the development methods became more iterative in nature, developers required a new set of tools to not only enable but also accelerate the software development process, resulting in the proliferation of DevOps tools.

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