Research | Market Opportunities Post-COVID-19

In a matter of weeks, the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way businesses and individuals will conduct themselves for years to come. Although it’s still too early to understand the full implications of the pandemic, the below report is intended to provide insight into the market opportunities and challenges presented in Catalyst focus areas (B2B software, tech-enabled services and communications businesses).

COVID-19 will likely curb future business travel, reduce regulatory barriers for online tools and contribute to a greater appreciation for risk management. It is our view that these trends will require significant upgrades to tech infrastructure, including an acceleration of 5G rollouts and cloud transitions. In software, we see meaningful tailwinds in communications software, particularly in telehealth and e-learning. Additionally, Governance, Risk & Compliance software is well positioned for strong growth, most notably in business continuity and 3rd party vendor risk management.

Catalyst has a strong track record navigating difficult macro environments and we are eager to continue to partner with quality businesses seeking growth equity capital.



Press Releases

EnterpriseDB Extends Support Services to Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL and Microsoft Azure Database for PostgreSQL

Catalyst portfolio company EnterpriseDB is extending its technical support offerings to include PostgreSQL on Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure. The adoption of Postgres as the preferred data store for a wide array of use cases continues to grow, and there is an increasing need for enterprise-level technical support and administration on cloud computing platforms.

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