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Galvanize To Train Accelerated Technology Skills to United States Air Force

DENVER — Galvanize, the nation’s leading provider of data science and software engineering training, today announced it was awarded a Phase I SBIR contract to accelerate the software engineering technical readiness of the United States Air Force (USAF).

With this contract, Galvanize will engage with the USAF and AFWERX, the Air Force’s technology accelerator and innovation hub, in a pilot to integrate Galvanize’s accelerated learning technology and training to upskill active-duty airmen.

According to a 2019 Department of Defense report, “The current approach to software development is a leading source of risk to DoD; it takes too long, is too expensive, and exposes warfighters to unacceptable risk by delaying their access to the tools they need to ensure mission success.”

Galvanize’s proprietary curriculum, paired with its world-class instructional team, will create the needed technical talent to allow our nation’s warfighters to respond rapidly to changing technology and increase their focus on the mission.

Since 2012, Galvanize has been a leader in talent development for individuals and corporations in technical fields, like software engineering and data science. Galvanize was an attractive candidate because of its ability to scale across the entire military branch.

“Just as large companies face existential threats from competitors and new technologies, our nation’s military faces similar threats from new technology and foreign adversaries,” said Bill Blackstone, EVP Operations of Galvanize. “We’re excited to be selected by the United States Air Force to assist them in accelerating their technical readiness in software engineering.”

Galvanize is already the leading upskilling technology training program for our nation’s veterans, having graduated hundreds of veterans through its coding and data science bootcamps.

In October, Galvanize, announced a collaboration with the government’s Veteran Employment Through Technology Education Courses (VET TEC) to provide tech education to our nation’s veterans. Veterans can enroll in remote learning as well as campus programs, using Veterans Administration (VA) benefits. Benefits cover tuition and housing for veterans in the program, and if a veteran does not secure a job within six months of graduating, the cost of the education is refunded to the VA.

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HR Technologist | Jobvite Introduces Data Science Strategy to Improve Speed and Quality of Talent Acquisition

Catalyst portfolio company, Jobvite, the recruiting software, announces the launch of an innovative data science strategy to power its suite of HR products. The initiative will ensure hiring teams are served best-fit candidates while eliminating wasted time for both recruiters and candidates. This strategy incorporates multiple algorithms and sources of data that span company-wide preferences for hiring as well as individual recruiter-level preferences. The solutions, which are designed to work across all positions, recruiter preferences and industries, will be integrated within the product in early 2020.


Welcoming Effectual to the Portfolio

By Kyle Howard-Johnson

Catalyst recently welcomed Effectual to the portfolio. Public cloud migration and adoption has shifted from a question of ‘if’ to ‘when’ for nearly all organizations with legacy infrastructure. This is not to say that on-premise computing will cease to exist, because there are certain workloads that will remain on-prem for the foreseeable future due to regulatory and compliance restrictions, but some level of cloud competency has become all but required due to the cost efficiencies, scalability, reliability, and other benefits associated with public cloud deployments.

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