The Future of Food is Bright

BrightFarms is changing the future of food but would not be able to do so without the help of people like Denise DeRue – one of the head growers at BrightFarms.  Denise began her career as an apprentice grower at the BrightFarms Virginia facility and after months of training was promoted to head grower of the Pennsylvania facility.  BrightFarms’ greenhouses are operated via hydroponics and the company understands that smart growers like Denise enable them to expand rapidly.  Each grower focuses on one greenhouse to make sure it has the healthiest, cleanest and freshest produce all the time.

Many people assume the process is easy – grow, package and sell greens to stores.  However, what they don’t see is the enormous amount of work that goes into growing greens, ensuring that all the many intricate details are correct every single day.  Learn more about the growing process, from the germination room to the packaging room, and how BrightFarms’ greens are able to go from harvest to store shelves within 24 hours:



Governance, Risk & Compliance Overview

The market for software and tech-enabled services handling Governance, Risk & Compliance (“GRC”) needs is experiencing tremendous growth, a phenomenon Catalyst has seen first-hand through our investments in Fusion Risk Management and Envoy, among others.

The GRC space has traditionally been dominated by consultants and manual processes and we believe companies are still in the early days of pivoting to more efficient, purpose-built software.

A significant driver of this change is the nearly exponential growth in the amount of data volume and variety being captured by companies – resulting in the need for more sophisticated GRC tools. Additionally, market growth is being further propelled by a heightened regulatory environment, increased tech adoption by regulators (both political and industry-specific), and the enhanced level of scrutiny facing both the C-suite level and boards for potential lapses in risk management – a particularly topical point given the publicity that recent data breaches / compliance issues have received.


The Power of Purpose-driven Investing

By Tyler Newton

In the 20 years that we have been backing companies at Catalyst Investors, our best performing companies tend to have something in common – a clear sense of why they exist and what business strategy they are pursuing. Not only is that sense of purpose or mission clear when talking with senior management, but it also permeates the overall culture of these organizations. Ideally, such sense of shared purpose can be succinctly captured in a powerful mission statement. Great mission statements ground the core business strategies within a positive sense of purpose – combining high-minded visions with real-life approaches to problem-solving.

Our own mission statement is “to earn superior returns by helping entrepreneurs build great growth companies,” which combines our core business strategy with a positive sense of purpose. A central part of our playbook for building growth companies that are “great” is to make sure they each establish a strong sense of shared purpose or mission. But what makes a great mission statement? 

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