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A chief executive officer is more than just the highest ranking officer at a company. A CEO is someone who bring teams together, supports their employees, and gives back to their communities. But, most importantly, they are someone who inspires others to believe in, and live out, the vision they’re working so hard to create. The 2019 CEO of the Year honorees not only put their companies first, but their people first.


CEO | Weave

A Eugene, Oregon, native,  Brandon Rodman graduated from Brigham Young University in 2004. Working in sales until 2008, he then pivoted his career entirely. Founding Recall Solutions, which later became Weave, from his attic in Lehi, Utah, he changed gears to create an essential business tool used in over 7,000 offices today. But it wasn’t easy. In fact, in the beginning, Mr. Rodman and his team struggled. “Our company had been turned down by nearly every investor in Utah,” Mr. Rodman says. “We were running out of money. It looked like the company was going to fail. Applying to Y-Combinator was a last-ditch effort to save the company. And it worked.” Selected by Y-Combinator for funding in 2014, it was the turning point they needed.

A decade since Weave’s inception, Mr. Rodman has used his intimate experience with trial and error to grow his software into something every office needs to function. When he founded the company, there were just two employees. In 2018 alone, he hired 150 new employees. Mr. Rodman attributes his success to his focus on people. “Put people first,” he says. “Everything else is much easier if you get people right.”

His focus on people has extended to every part of his business, and he has implemented a coaching staff for every single employee, enables instant matching on 401k, and provides stock options for every full-time employee. A father of four, he is particularly proud of the parental leave policy he launched in 2018.

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Press Releases

eSUB Expands Integrations with Autodesk’s PlanGrid and BIM 360

Catalyst portfolio company eSUB, a leading field data and construction operations platform developed for subcontractors, updated its integrations with PlanGrid® and BIM 360®, construction software from Autodesk®. Designed specifically to address the workflows of trade contractors, eSUB serves as the field data collection and system of record for trade contractors and leverages PlanGrid and BIM 360 for drawing management and field collaboration.


Governance, Risk & Compliance Overview

The market for software and tech-enabled services handling Governance, Risk & Compliance (“GRC”) needs is experiencing tremendous growth, a phenomenon Catalyst has seen first-hand through our investments in Fusion Risk Management and Envoy, among others.

The GRC space has traditionally been dominated by consultants and manual processes and we believe companies are still in the early days of pivoting to more efficient, purpose-built software.

A significant driver of this change is the nearly exponential growth in the amount of data volume and variety being captured by companies – resulting in the need for more sophisticated GRC tools. Additionally, market growth is being further propelled by a heightened regulatory environment, increased tech adoption by regulators (both political and industry-specific), and the enhanced level of scrutiny facing both the C-suite level and boards for potential lapses in risk management – a particularly topical point given the publicity that recent data breaches / compliance issues have received.

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