Catalyst’s Brian Rich Judges Early & Mid-Stage AgTech Companies at the Indoor AgTech Summit



Catalyst managing partner and co-founder Brian Rich recently served as a judge at the The Indoor AgTech Innovation Summit in New York in June. The event focused on the role that vertical and indoor farming can have in building sustainable, profitable and healthy food systems, and new opportunities for investment and collaboration.

The Summit brought together a unique mix of over 300 operators, food producers, technology developers, plant scientists, food buyers, retailers, financiers, utility operations and city planners to explore the innovation, business models and partnerships needed to scale this fast-emerging industry. Speakers included Walmart’s Victor Verlage, Whole Food’s Chris Manca, Wendys’ Liliana Esposito, BrightFarms’ Paul Lightfoot and Equilibrium Capital’s Nick Houshower.

Brian participated in the Shark Panel, judging early to mid-stage indoor agtech companies. The six selected companies were given seven minutes to pitch their solutions to a panel of investors. “Indoor farming is going to change the way the world feeds itself, and I was thrilled to be a judge at this Summit. I was particularly enamored of the tomato picking robot that not only picks each tomato perfectly but ascertains it’s ripeness!,” said Brian.


Catalyst’s Brian Rich Speaks about the Silicon Valley Transition at the 2019 Collision Conference

Catalyst’s managing partner and co-founder Brian Rich recently participated in the 2019 Collision Conference in Toronto on a panel discussing the shift of dollars out of Silicon Valley alongside fellow panelists Gilad Novik, Robert Jan Galema, SC Moatti and David Skok. The session explored the move away from California chaos and its competitive nature, and the benefits of basing businesses elsewhere in the globe. 

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