Catalyst’s Brian Rich Speaks about the Silicon Valley Transition at the 2019 Collision Conference

Catalyst’s managing partner and co-founder Brian Rich recently participated in the 2019 Collision Conference in Toronto on a panel discussing the shift of dollars out of Silicon Valley alongside fellow panelists Gilad Novik, Robert Jan Galema, SC Moatti and David Skok. The session explored the move away from California chaos and its competitive nature, and the benefits of basing businesses elsewhere in the globe.

“I very much appreciated the lively conversation among our panelists who represented venture capital from around the globe, including Silicon Valley,” said Brian. “While the Bay Area will remain the axe in the VC space for the foreseeable future, we see companies’ centers of gravity moving out of San Francisco as a means of dealing with the talent and housing shortage. When we think about talent, we think about it from the vantage point of a typical employee, not necessarily from the vantage point of the star engineer, and there are plenty of opportunities in other geographies.”

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SaaS is Just Getting Started

The Catalyst team has been investing together for 20 years. While the fundamental strategy has remained consistent (growth-driven returns, enterprise technology focus, research-based approach), Catalyst’s areas of interest have evolved over time as a result of ever-changing technology and the competitive landscape.

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