GovTech Market Overview

In a day and age of rapid technological innovation, the public has come to demand an incredibly high level of technical sophistication from all aspects of their lives. Where the commercial sector has accelerated to meet this demand, the public sector has historically been resistant to change. The Government Technology (“GovTech”) sector arose in response to public demand for more efficient, affordable, and secure government processes from a segment plagued by antiquated systems and outdated procedures. Only recently have government entities begun leveraging innovative and agile solutions to meet increasing operational demands and produce more citizen value while remaining adherent to stringent budgets. This digital transformation has been catalyzed by federal programs and regulations, which are accelerating tech adoption by increasing capital investment and streamlining procurement processes. To capitalize on this trend, Catalyst is exploring GovTech businesses seeking to exploit the recent digital transformation of the public sector across North America and seize market share in a fragmented market.



At Catalyst, we employ a proactive, research-based approach to investing, targeting sectors experiencing outstanding growth. If you are an owner, operator, or investor in a growth stage company participating in the digital transformation of the public sector, we would like to hear from you. Please send inquiries and business plans to [email protected].


Tech Tools for the Modern Family

Today’s parenting landscape has evolved at a rapid pace. Compared to just a few decades ago, the makeup of the workforce is changing rapidly; the work participation rate for women with children under age 6 has grown significantly in the past 40 years, as has the percentage of families with children in which both parents work. Further, today’s parents, educators, employers, and children are living in a world that is increasingly tech-first. Parents, and especially modern millennial parents, expect tech-forward, simple, and elegant solutions across their lives, but particularly as they seek to bring up the next generation.

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