FoodNavigator-USA | BrightFarms sees local as the new organic in produce

BrightFarms sees local as the new organic in produce: ‘We like to think of local today being where organic was 15 years ago’
By Mary Ellen Shoup
October 25, 2018

BrightFarms is poised to bring its local greenhouse model to a nationwide audience with 15 hydroponic greenhouses to be built in the next three to five years as demand for locally-grown produce outweighs organic, shared BrightFarms VP of marketing and innovation, Abby Prior.

According to the Food Marketing Institute’s Power of Produce report, consumers are 60% more likely to buy a local-grown item (if quality and price are the same) compared to a conventional or organic item.

“There are a lot of reasons why consumers care about local. The one that really drives their purchase behavior is freshness and appearance,” Prior told FoodNavigator-USA.

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PYMNTS | ChowNow’s Approach To Mobile Order-Ahead Security

For QSRs, offering mobile order-ahead can be a double-edged sword. While it’s critical to boosting sales, it also comes with the expense of tackling card-not-present fraud. In the new Mobile Order-Ahead Tracker, Chris Webb – CEO of Catalyst Investors-backed ChowNow – explains how ordering platforms can help by viewing customer interactions across restaurants to identify suspicious behavior, and by handling security measures behind the scenes to tackle fraud and reduce friction.

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MediaMath Announces Guaranteed Viewable Market

Catalyst-backed MediaMath announced the release of the Guaranteed Viewable Market, which offers impression-level verification powered by MediaMath’s enterprise identity solution, delivering exclusive access to 100% viewable, 100% fraud free media. In its beta release, the market offers omnichannel media execution across mobile and desktop  channels. The Guaranteed Viewable Marketbrings the promises of blockchain – transparency, trust and immutable consensus– to digital marketing today, and it paves the way for a future of innovation.

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