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Catalyst portfolio company Reputation Institute expands to France

Reputation Institute Expands in France and Launches the Largest Ongoing Tracking of Corporate Reputation 

The Global Leader in Reputation Measurement and Management Is Opening a New Office in Paris and Appoints Olivier Forlini as Managing Director for France

Press release: PARIS, FRANCE – Reputation Institute is expanding the team in Paris to serve the increasing demand for reputation measurement and management in France. As part of the expansion Reputation Institute is launching the largest ongoing tracking study of corporate reputation in France, where the largest and most visible companies will be measured using RepTrak® on a monthly basis. The investment in France is made to build on the strong relationships with existing clients from industries like pharma, automotive, energy, retail, electronics, and consumer goods, and to meet the demands from new clients.

To lead this expansion, Olivier Forlini has been promoted to Managing Director for Reputation Institute France. Mr. Forlini has been with the company since 2016, and brings more than 20 year of experience from research advisory and client management. “Managing your reputation is more important than ever, and French companies are moving into a global leadership position when it comes to applying a systematic measurement approach to reputation,” said Kasper Ulf Nielsen, Executive Partner at Reputation Institute. “Over the past 5 years we have seen a steady increase in the number of companies both from CAC 40 but also SBF120 who are using RepTrak® to measure and manage their reputation, and we expect this to increase further in the years to come. To serve our clients even better, I am delighted to have Mr. Forlini take the lead in building out our local team in France.”

For companies in France to achieve their business goals they need to proactively build and protect their reputation. The evidence is there from the France RepTrak® study where the results show that if you can improve your reputation with 5 points recommendation will go up with 8%. “We see a significant maturity from companies in using their reputation as a strong asset and key differentiator to develop their business in France,” said Olivier Forlini, Managing Director at Reputation Institute France. “I look forward to working together with our clients to help them further leverage the science of reputation to inform their business decisions”.

“We are excited to have Olivier Forlini lead Reputation Institute’s France team,” said Jamie Bedard, President and CEO of Reputation Institute. “His expertise brings the right combination of insights and business understanding to deliver actionable advice to our clients on how to use RepTrak® to deliver business success.”

About Reputation Institute

Reputation Institute’s RepTrak® methodology is the gold standard in the science of reputation. Reputation Institute helps global companies unlock the power of their reputations for competitive advantage. Reputation Institute has conducted research over the last 20 years on 7,000 companies across 40 countries developing the largest global normative database in the world on reputation management, KPI’s, benchmarks, metrics and best practices.

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