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Videology extends integration of Nielsen Data

Videology Expands First-of-Its-Kind Integration of Nielsen Data Allowing Users to Transact Across TV and Video with Single Audience View

Extended Integration fuels Videology’s newly launched data-enabled TV (DETV) product, including new access to eXelate digital audience segments for TV buying

Press release: New York – Videology—a leading software provider for converged TV and video advertising – today announced that it has expanded data leveraged within its platform for planning to include audience segments from eXelate, a Nielsen Company. Two years ago, Videology announced that it was the first Video platform to leverage Nielsen’s TV and Cross–Platform Homes data as a component powering Videology’s platform for television ad decisioning. The integration of eXelate audience segments will allow for more cross-screen segmenting, and the continued ability to plan, buy or sell both TV inventory and digital video inventory using a common metric.
“Videology’s use of Nielsen’s data within its platform is a unique application,” said Andrew Feigenson, Managing Director of Digital, Nielsen. “The addition of eXelate audience segments enables Videology to make even more informed, data-driven recommendations for planning television buys.”

Why is this integration unique?

By leveraging Nielsen’s television and Cross-Platform Homes data within its platform, only Videology is able to create a model of audiences across TV and digital screens.

As a result, Videology has the ability to:
• Plan, buy and measure the same audience across TV & Digital
• Tie TV viewership to online and offline behaviors, including purchase behavior
• Plan and buy TV campaigns based on digital data insights applied to TV audiences

Integration Fuels Data-enabled TV Capabilities

Videology’s integration of Nielsen data is a key differentiator for its recently launched DETV product available to advertisers, agencies and media companies. DETV allows users to leverage data segments from eXelate, (eXelate, Inc. was acquired by Nielsen in March 2015), as well as other approved advertiser and digital data sources, and apply them to TV viewing behavior, including specific dayparts, networks or programs. When this data is used to optimize television campaigns, reach against a strategic target has been shown to increase by as much as 18% for the same budget.

“The ability to leverage rich data for TV ad decisioning, whether provided by eXelate, other approved data providers, or approved advertiser’s data, allows us to marry the precision associated with digital video with the power and scale of TV,” said Scott Ferber, CEO and Chairman of Videology. “The improvement in performance that is possible when compared to typical age and gender-based buys is phenomenal. For this reason, I believe data-enabled television will be the future for most advertisers, and it’s already started.”

Benefits to Advertisers

In addition to driving the efficiency of TV campaigns through more precise, data-driven ad decisioning, Videology’s integration with Nielsen provider buyers and sellers with the following capabilities:
• Increase the concentration or reach of a targeted audience across both TV and video
• Increase the incremental reach of a TV campaign using digital video
• Calculate duplication across TV and video to manage cross-screen frequency
• Use video to conquest those exposed to a competitor’s ad on television
• Link TV and video campaign performance to specific advertiser KPIs, including online behaviors and offline sales

“When Videology first initiated our integration of Nielsen TV data, most of the market was focused on driving convergence between video and display advertising. In contrast, we always looked at TV as the ultimate complement to video based on their shared brand building capabilities of sight, sound and motion,” added Ferber. “This final step in our integration, allowing true cross-screen planning, buying, optimization and measurement across TV and video, coincides with the industry’s interest in converged advertising solutions. We thank Nielsen for their continued trust and support in allowing us to work with their data in this unique way, and bring new solutions to the market.”

About Videology
Videology ( is a leading software provider for converged TV and video advertising. By simplifying big data, we empower marketers and media companies to make smarter advertising decisions to fully harness the value of their audience across screens. Our math and science-based technology enables our customers to manage, measure and optimize digital video and TV advertising to achieve the best results in the converging media landscape.

Videology, Inc., is a privately-held, venture-backed company, whose investors include Catalyst Investors, Comcast Ventures, NEA, Pinnacle Ventures, and Valhalla Partners. Videology is headquartered in New York, NY, with key offices in Baltimore, Austin, Toronto, London, Paris, Madrid, Singapore, Sydney, Tokyoand sales teams across North America.

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