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Forrester ranks Catalyst-backed Videology among top DSP providers

Videology, TubeMogul And The Trade Desk Are Forrester’s Top DSPs

Forrester Research named Videology, as well as TubeMogul and The Trade Desk, as leaders in its Wave report, an evaluation of video advertising demand-side platform (DSP) providers.

Runners-up in the report, “The 10 Providers That Matter Most And How They Stack Up,” were AOL, BrightRoll, DataXu, Google, Tremor Video, Turn and Viant. The top three DSPs were chosen because they built their technology in anticipation of television programming and advertising becoming more digital in nature, the report said, along with their understanding of traditional TV buying and planning and other factors.

Below are some highlights from Forrester’s write-ups on the top three:

TubeMogul:  “Ad agencies and marketers who want to directly manage their programmatic video buying will find the self-serve platform compelling,” the report said. Customers gave the company strong ratings for data sourcing and management abilities, fraud prevention and ad delivery controls.

Videology: The report said Videology excels at converging television and online video, adding, “Videology has the most sophisticated media optimizer to analyze the right allocation of TV and online video to optimize reach and campaign cost.”

The Trade Desk:  The DSP’s strengths are in digital video inventory, bidding engine, and in-flight optimization capabilities, the report said. Additionally, the company received the highest customer satisfaction ratings of all participants.

The most important takeaways, Forrester said, were that the DSP leaders offered the ability to buy cross-screen and provide quality inventory at a time when issues like ad fraud and viewability are a concern.

From an initial pool of possibilities, Forrester chose vendors based on product fit, customer success and Forrester client demand. Evaluations included Forrester’s own set of criteria, as well as lab evaluations, questionnaires, demos and/or discussions with client references. For more on Forrester’s methodology, see its explanation.


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