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Catalyst-backed Reputation Institute expands Reputation Tracker to seven more countries

Reputation Tracker provides faster feedback and deeper insights for companies and benchmarking against competitors on a global scale

Press release: Boston — Reputation Institute today launched its Reputation Tracker service in India, Canada, Brazil, Sweden, Australia, China, Japan and Portugal to provide companies operating in those countries with continuous measurement and quarterly reports on their corporate reputations.

“The rapid expansion of Reputation Tracker through North America, South America, Europe, Asia and Australia speaks to the demand for timely insights into corporate reputations around the globe,” said Jamie Bedard, president and CEO of Reputation Institute. “By combining Reputation Tracker’s rapid analysis with the in-depth evaluation of the RepTrak® measurement framework, Reputation Institute alone provides communications leaders with the comprehensive data they need to effectively measure and manage their efforts.”

Reputation Tracker is the largest continuous reputation measurement service. Clients receive in-depth quarterly reports, Key Performance Indicators and benchmarks, along with quarterly results workshops addressing Brand Alignment, the Return on Reputation, CSR Alignment and Reputation Risk. Included in the service is the ability to benchmark against the five most reputable domestic companies, as well as three competitors, with additional companies available for a nominal fee.

Reputation Tracker was previously released in the United States, United Kingdom, Denmark, France, Germany, Mexico, Spain and Italy. Reputation Institute will continue expanding coverage in new markets into 2016.

The tool is built on the foundation of Reputation Institute’s RepTrak® – the deepest normative reputation database in the world and the gold standard of reputation measurement and benchmarking. RepTrak® provides companies with the insight to understand the emotional connection key stakeholders have with their company and the logical reasons for those connections. Companies can use the RepTrak® database for insight into historical reputation data for the past 10 years and hundreds of thousands of ratings from the general public for in-depth market segmentation by demographic.

About Reputation Institute 
Reputation Institute (RI) is the world’s leading consulting and advisory firm for reputation. RI enables many of the world’s leading companies to make more confident business decisions that build and protect reputation capital, analyze risk and sustainability topics, and drive competitive advantage. RI’s most prominent management tool is the RepTrak® model for analyzing the reputations of companies and institutions — best known via the Global RepTrak® 100, the world’s largest and most comprehensive study of corporate reputations, as well as Country RepTrak® and City RepTrak® studies that look at reputation across organizations within a given geography.

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