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Catalyst-backed Clinicient continues to expand

Portland software maker Clinicient makes tools used by outpatient and rehabilitation centers to manage billing and other processes.

Come next year, it’s set to do much more than that.

The company is laying the groundwork to start entering the in-patient market. It could even offer products in such specialties as anesthesiology, said CEO Rick Jung.

To do this, the company has 19 open positions listed on its website. Clinicient wants to find people with expertise in different areas of the health care continuum.

“We are looking for domain experts in health care and population health management,” Jung said. “We are still in rehabilitation and branching out is just getting underway and will kickoff in the first quarter. We are seeding the team for that now.”

Clinicient has raised a total of $31.2 million from investors, including $7 million in debt in January.

Jung took over as CEO in March 2014. Earlier this summer, the company hired a CFO and expanded its executive team.

The company’s software automates business processes for its clients, which helps them get paid more quickly. This allows providers to focus on patient care and less on the manual tasks of running a clinic.

The company has more than 25,000 total users across the country and manages $1 billion in client collections.

As the company gears up for its strategic moves, it is armed with case studies and real world results from existing customers.

“For us to make claims like ‘we help clients increase revenue and decrease expenses and minimize the time to get paid,’ you better be able to back that up,” Jung said.

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