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Catalyst-backed Xplornet Acquires Spectrum

Xplornet Communications announces successful acquisition of 42 blocks of 2500 MHz spectrum

Press release: WOODSTOCK, NB, May 12, 2015 – Xplornet Communications Inc., Canada’s leading rural Internet provider, is pleased to announce that it has acquired 42 blocks of 2500 MHz spectrum in rural areas from across Canada in the most recent Industry Canada auction. This is a major success for Xplornet.

“It’s a great day for broadband in rural Canada,” said Xplornet President, Mr. Allison Lenehan.

The newly acquired 2500 MHz spectrum will be put to use to support Xplornet’s continued roll-out of Long Term Evolution (LTE) fixed wireless high-speed Internet to rural Canadians. Spectrum is critical to the delivery of high-speed Internet in rural areas and the TDD configuration Xplornet has acquired is well-suited for providing Internet services. Xplornet has invested in technology and infrastructure across Canada. Obtaining spectrum ensures that rural Canadians will not only get higher download speeds up to 25Mbps, but also the capacity that is required for data-rich Internet applications today and in the future.

“While spectrum is often considered for mobile phone use, it’s also essential for helping us deliver wireless high-speed Internet to homes and businesses. This auction was successful in making spectrum accessible to rural Internet services and sets a precedent for how auctions can allow mobile and fixed services equal opportunity to participate and develop services for the benefit of all Canadians,” concluded Lenehan.

About Xplornet Communications Inc.
Headquartered in Woodstock, New Brunswick, Xplornet Communications Inc. is Canada’s leading rural broadband provider. We believe everyone should have access to the transformative benefits of broadband, so we make our service available everywhere in Canada, including the hard to reach places. We overcome the challenges of Canada’s vast geography through our deployment of Canada’s first national 4G network, which leverages both fixed-wireless towers on the ground and next-generation satellites in space. Our customers live in the farthest reaches of the country and just outside of major urban centres, and through our coast-to-coast network of local dealers we connect them to all that the Internet offers. Xplornet is high-speed Internet – for all of Canada.

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