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Videology’s Jamboretz at Beet.TV’s Leadership Summit

Beet.TVCANNES, France — Advertisers are increasingly buying spots in online video ads through private exchanges, not on open exchanges, in order to guarantee quality inventory.

“The majority of our clients are using private marketplaces … not just going out in to open exchange,” according to video ad tech platform Videology‘s chief development officer Ryan Jamboretz.

“Super-premium publishers – the broadcasters, the high-end portals – just aren’t willing to take their video content and put it through exchange environments. They’re very willing to enter in to private marketplace relationships.”

Jamboretz says pricing remains high in online video because high-quality video is still in short supply.

Click Beet.TV Leadership Summit on The Future of TV Advertising to see Ryan Jamboretz’s  interview and other clips from this event.

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Digital Marketing Industry Endorses MediaMath

Recognizing MediaMath’s incredible growth, technological innovation, creativity, and leadership position in a competitive digital marketing space, prominent industry organizations have awarded the company, as well as CEO and Co-Founder Joe Zawadzki, with a number of top honors.

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