Who Cares What You’re Wearing?!?

Catalyst is exploring the health and wellness technology sector, and while we have been observing the extensive media attention surrounding Nike’s decision to cease its wearable hardware efforts and the estimated $570 million of venture capital invested in wearable technologies, WE ACTUALLY DON’T CARE WHAT YOU’RE WEARING! We are indifferent as to whether you’re a Fitbit, a FuelBand, a Fitlinxx, a Jawbone, a Samsung, a Garmin, a Misfit or even a Lark – rather, we are more interested in the health and wellness software that powers your wearable device.

Our most recent research targets the connected health and wellness technology sector. We outlined our view of the market opportunity/recent trends and created a health and wellness market map to illustrate the sector landscape. Click through to find out why we don’t care what you’re wearing, and see below for Catalyst’s top three themes in connected health and wellness technology:

  1. Corporate Wellness Engagement: We are interested in corporate wellness management software platforms that provide recurring revenue streams, either independently of hardware or via partnerships with wearables companies to leverage their sensor and tracking technology. At Catalyst we see a strong growth opportunity given the demand for corporate wellness solutions delivered via simple, accessible platforms and the low penetration rates (less than 25%) of small- and medium-sized corporations.
  1. Unique Consumer Applications: We are interested in learning more about selected health and fitness apps that provide the features users have identified as particularly motivating (e.g., competition and gamification). Because apps are a high-growth segment of the $10+ billion mobile industry, with download and premium feature revenue expected to grow tenfold within a decade, we think it is worthwhile for Catalyst to target unique applications which can demonstrate a history of customer traction and strong unit economics.
  1. Mobile Health: As healthcare IT moves to the cloud and upgrades its architecture to provide more flexibility, the “healthcare everywhere” imperative is facilitating greater transparency and visibility into healthcare costs. We are interested in learning more about the mobile healthcare opportunity, including platforms and applications that facilitate doctor and patient communication (e.g., apps for diabetics that automatically send glucose readings to their primary care physicians) and combine mHealth with electronic medical records (e.g., allowing doctors to keep accurate records that are easily accessible).

Catalyst Investors employs a proactive, research-based approach to investing. We target sectors that are experiencing above-average growth. If you are a growth-stage connected health and wellness technology company seeking investment, our team would love to start a dialogue. Please send inquiries and business plans to mia at catalystinvestors dot com.

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Press Releases

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