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Videology Reports 50% Quarterly Hike

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The Drum – Advertisers are becoming bolder with their use of advanced targeting methods for video, with behavioural and daypart targeting seeing a 50 per cent hike quarter on quarter, according to addressable audience platform Videology.

The figures, based on 673,413,883 UK video ad impressions served on the platform between October and December 2013, revealed that advanced targeting, which comprises behavioural and daypart targeting, was used for nearly half (42 per cent) of all video ads, with demographic targeting accounting for 56 per cent and just two per cent using a mix of both methods.

Mobile video advertising also saw a 33 per cent, quarter-on-quarter increase, representing eight per cent of all video impressions, while connected TVs account for two per cent. This is slightly down from last November when Videology reported that mobile video ad impressions soared 42 per cent quarter on quarter, taking the total to 33 million impressions in the third quarter.

Meanwhile the number of entertainment ads overtook those of FMCG ads which have dominated in video ad spend on the platform for the last several quarters. This saw entertainment ads increase their share of impressions by 57 per cent quarter on quarter.

The figures have been released to The Drum ahead of its forthcoming Digital Convergence conference in March, for which Videology’s senior vice president of global accounts Jana Eisenstein is among the speakers.

She will be focusing on the rise of programmatic trading for video advertising and the vital role it can play in the continuously converging media advertising landscape.

“There are two underlying themes we have seen emerge, which are becoming more pertinent. One is about convergence and consumer usage and the other is about programmatic trading.

“We are seeing consumers now consuming content across multiple devices, and you see that a lot in the consumption of video-on-demand specifically, and over the last year this has been spreading to video on mobile devices.

She said brands that want to “follow their audiences” across all the platforms on which they are engaging with content can use programmatic targeting to maximise the process.

“Programmatic has already gained good traction which will continue as planners look at diversifying across all the platforms – and this is great way to find their audiences. Using data to automate media buying across these platforms in a relevant, targeted and hopefully quality of interaction is whole lot better.”

Videology saw an overall increase in the number of total impressions served through its platform, which rose 24 per cent quarter on quarter to 673 million impressions.

The Drum’s Digital Convergence is a day dedicated to helping marketing professionals stay on top of the increasingly ‘always on’ nature of their audiences.

The conference, which will tackle topics including The Power of Context & Being Relevant to the Moment; Connecting with Consumers Rather than their Devices; Real Time Opportunities, and Unification & Leverage of Data, will be located at America Square Conference Centre in East London on 12 March.

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