News Latisys Expands Data Center Presence From East to West

Latisys has expanded its presence in key data center markets from the Bay Area to Chicago.
By Mike Allen

Managed hosting, colocation and IT infrastructure services provider Latisys has been particularly busy this summer, as evidenced by a series of announcements that the company made regarding its offerings stretching across the United States. Latisys’ most recent announcement on August 26 detailed how the company established a stronger presence in the Bay Area by expanding its Northern California sales operations.

“Latisys is one of only a handful of IaaS providers that offers true hybrid solutions,” said Latisys CEO Pete Stevenson. “This means we can combine high performance and scale with great flexibility – accommodating the most complex, high growth or compliance-oriented businesses. Latisys is ideal for CIOs that seek to right-size and optimize their IT environment in the face of constant change.”

The San Francisco sales operations team is led by Gina Gardner, and sales are pinpointed at large and midsized Bay Area businesses looking to outsource their infrastructure to a managed cloud services hosting platform. Since research firm Gartner expects the infrastructure as a service market to grow 47.8 percent through the end of 2015, Latisys’ decision to expand its presence in the Bay Area – also one of the biggest tech hubs in the country – is particularly strategic.

“Northern California, and the Bay Area in particular, personifies innovation – constantly reinventing how business gets done and changing the face of IT,” said Gardner. “Latisys is thrilled to finally be able to offer our end-to-end suite of IT infrastructure solutions, including Disaster-Recovery-as-a-Service on-demand Managed Cloud and Enterprise Hosting to these dynamic companies.”

Latisys Ramps Up Chicago Data Center
Latisys is a national provider of hybrid cloud IaaS solutions, with more than 800 businesses and government agencies utilizing its services across the country. The company has key high density data center facilities located in Southern California, Denver, Chicago and Ashburn, Va., in addition to its new Bay Area focus. While Latisys is hard at work serving enterprises in Northern California, East Coast and Midwest companies don’t have to feel left out. In June, Latisys announced the completion of the expansion of its Chicago data center.

Latisys’ Chicago colocation facility is located just outside of the Midwestern metropolis in the nearby city of Oak Brook, and the company announced it added 10,000 new square feet of raised floor for its high density data center in addition to 1.35 megawatts of new critical power. Its Chicago campus is comprised of CHI1 and CHI-02. While the CHI-02 Tier III facility already offers 49,000 square feet, the 10,000 square-foot addition was added to this facility. The decision to expand was made to meet the growing demand from Chicago area businesses for secure, scalable IaaS. Since the expansion, the facility is capable of delivering between 175 and 225 watts per square foot of data center space, which is among the highest density solutions for Chicago colocation.

In the Latisys release detailing the developments, the company explained how it offers key features and services that enable it to meet essential business needs. These include:

  • Close proximity to downtown Chicago
  • Increased Chicago capacity for power and space
  • Full suite of managed services
  • Highly flexible, customized solutions
  • End-to-end IT outsourcing platform

“Chicago is a very important market and key component of our national IT infrastructure as a service platform,” said Latisys CEO Pete Stevenson. “We remain focused on providing new and existing enterprise customers with the highest quality data centers powering innovative and highly secure, hybrid IT infrastructure solutions.”

Prior to Latisys’ 2013 facility expansions in San Francisco and Chicago, the company last year opened its DEN-02 facility in Denver and expanded its ASH1 facility in Northern Virginia. According to the company, its total data center platform now surpasses the 343,000 square feet mark, with seven data centers located in four major U.S. markets.

These developments, paired with Latisys’ June announcement of achieving PCI and HIPAA compliance for its national IT infrastructure services platform, make it easy to see why businesses would entrust their valuable assets to Latisys. Nearly every modern corporation grapples with complying with Payment Card Industry regulations for protecting cardholder data. Many enterprises seek third party services, such as outsourcing to colocation facilities, as this process becomes increasingly difficult due to the growing complexity of IT environments.

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